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Oklahoma Products Liability Lawyers Aid Injured Consumers

Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons represents Oklahomans who’ve been injured by consumer products. Product liability is based on the principle that a person who produces or sells a product owes a duty of care, not only to the person who first buys the product but also to anyone else who might reasonably come into contact with it.

Our Oklahoma City lawyers have an excellent reputation regarding defective product cases, which require in-depth analysis and creative legal reasoning. For example, Rick Bisher was the first lawyer in the state of Oklahoma to argue that electricity is a product, rather than a service. Under this reasoning, consumers who come into contact with an electric current that is improperly delivered, manufactured or installed on their property enjoy the same protections as consumers injured by an appliance that is defective in its design or manufacture. It’s that type of innovative thinking that makes Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons the firm to call when hurt people need help.

Strict liability in Oklahoma for dangerous consumer products

In Oklahoma, if a product is defective, the manufacturer, seller or distributor is strictly liable for any resulting injuries, even if reasonable care was used in the preparation and sale of the product. Therefore, an injured party need only prove that a defect existed in the product, making it “unreasonably dangerous,” and that the defect caused the personal injury.

The basic types of product defects include:

  • Manufacturing — A product was poorly made, perhaps with substandard materials.
  • Design — A product is dangerous because of a flaw in its planning.
  • Labeling — A product is defective because it lacks an adequate warning about nonobvious risks.

Contact our Oklahoma products liability attorneys for a free case evaluation

Product liability defendants are usually large corporations with highly professional defense representation. Yet, our Oklahoma product liability lawyers are ready to use their knowledge, experience, and resources to pursue the maximum allowable compensation for your injuries. To arrange a free consultation, call Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons today at 405.528.4567 or contact us online.

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