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Birth injuries can occur before, during or immediately after delivery. One of the protocols for keeping mother and baby safe during labor is the vigilant monitoring of fetal oxygen. Lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain, a condition called cerebral hypoxia, can damage brain cells and result in cerebral palsy. If your baby sustained a brain injury at birth, Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons can help. Our dedicated firm has the experience and resources to pursue the maximum compensation possible for your injured child.

Understanding the causes and effects of hypoxia and anoxia during delivery

Hypoxia is a state of insufficient oxygen to the brain. When a baby is thoroughly deprived of oxygen, the condition is called anoxia. Causes of hypoxia and anoxia during delivery include:

  • Mother’s anemia — Lack of iron in the mother’s blood makes it less capable of delivering oxygen. The doctor’s failure to diagnose anemia may amount to malpractice.
  • Umbilical cord compression — The blood and oxygen supply is cut off, starving the infant of oxygen. A doctor’s failure to spot this danger and act decisively may be considered negligence.
  • Delayed or negligent response to delivery complications — In many situations, performing a cesarean section in a timely manner prevents a lack of oxygen.
  • Error in the mother’s sedation — If the mother is overly sedated, the blood flow to the infant can become dangerously slow.

Lack of oxygen can result in cerebral palsy, mental disability and physical disability.

Helping you and your baby cope with a brain injury

At Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons, when a baby’s life is forever changed by cerebral hypoxia, we understand the devastating consequences. While obtaining compensation cannot reverse your child’s birth injury, it can help you and your family manage the financial costs of coping with your child’s condition. Additionally, by holding professionals accountable for the medical negligence, you send a strong signal that substandard care is unacceptable. Your action against negligent healthcare providers enforces real consequences that can prompt a change in protocols or a stricter adherence to current protocols, which can make the birthing process safer for future mothers and infants.

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