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Are you the parent of a newborn who sustained a birth injury? The attorneys at Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons understand the grief and outrage parents like you experience. If you’re feeling helpless or distraught over the harm your child suffered and the enormous medical costs associated with the injury, we’re ready to help. Our firm has the resources and dedication to seek full and fair compensation for you and your baby.

Common types of birth injuries

Birth injuries can happen to the baby before, during or immediately following the birthing process. We have experience litigating cases involving serious birth injuries, including:

  • Brachial plexus (Erb’s) palsy — Pressure on the baby’s shoulder can cause tearing of the cluster of nerves that control arm movement, resulting in immobility of the arm or hand, lack of reflexes and a weaker grip.
  • Cerebral palsy — Cerebral palsy can result from cerebral hypoxia, a lack of oxygen to the brain. Cerebral palsy affects children in different ways. Some may be severely impaired, while others are affected less noticeably. But whatever level of severity your baby experiences, cerebral palsy is still an injury that should not have happened.
  • Shoulder dystocia — Shoulder dystocia can occur during labor or delivery. The baby’s shoulder gets lodged behind the mother’s pelvic bone. Babies can suffer broken collarbones or even Erb’s palsy when this happens.

Thorough investigation in the pursuit of justice

Our attorneys pursue birth injuries as medical malpractice claims and thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the delivery to discern whether any healthcare provider made an error that led to the harm. Our attorneys are adept at examining medical records and interviewing participants to discover what factors led to the injury. Perhaps a nurse did not alert the OB-GYN to a change in the fetal monitoring strips, or the doctor’s use of forceps caused trauma to the infant. A doctor may have delayed the decision to perform a cesarean section, or your infant may have been unnecessarily deprived of oxygen. Our medical malpractice attorneys work diligently to identify what happened and hold the negligent parties accountable.

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