The negligent and wrongful acts of others can cause a wide variety of damage, ranging from physical injury to financial harm. Regardless of the losses involved, a personal injury claim can involve a complex and stressful legal process. Anyone who suffers an injury because others acted carelessly or maliciously needs to find an Oklahoma injury attorney with the right mix of legal skills and compassion.

Five traits of an effective attorney

Every client has a unique list of requirements based on personal preferences, but the following list represents some primary considerations when assessing injury attorneys:

  • A track record of success. While the number of years of experience is important, attorneys who can demonstrate a history of successful verdicts and settlements have the skills and experience to provide effective legal support. Look for a list of verdicts on the website of each law firm under consideration, or ask for a list during an initial consultation.
  • Broad knowledge. Without a doubt, severe injuries or complex legal issues may require courtroom litigation to help ensure you receive the full compensation you need and deserve. Knowledgeable attorneys clearly identify all legal options and make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. While an attorney may recommend one specific option, you should never feel pressured to take one specific approach.
  • Communication skills. You typically need to make decisions during the claims process, so you need to clearly understand the issues behind your case. Make sure you have effective two-way communication with the attorney. He or she must really listen and respond to your concerns and avoid legal-speak so you can make educated choices.
  • Affordability. You can afford high quality legal support when an attorney operates on a contingency fee structure because clients pay legal fees at the end of the process as a percentage of the recovery—and no fee if the attorney achieves no recovery. And a reputable firm should not charge for an initial consultation.
  • Compassionate support. To avoid an unnecessarily stressful experience, you need a law firm that guides you through your legal case, taking on most details so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. Make sure that the staff is friendly and supportive and that the firm responds quickly to your questions and concerns as you proceed through the legal process. Client testimonials provide valuable information on the type of support you can expect.

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Whether you need Oklahoma injury lawyers after a motor vehicle accident or any form of injury caused by the negligent or willful acts of others, contact us online or call Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons at 405-528-4567 and schedule a free initial consultation. We vigorously pursue the maximum allowable compensation for your loss under the law, and we operate on a contingency-fee basis.

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