Understanding Your Chances in an SSDI Appeal

Understanding Your Chances in an SSDI Appeal

An application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) must demonstrate three factors. First, you must show that you have accumulated enough payroll work credits to qualify. These credits are earned by working and paying taxes. Most workers earn four credits per year. Depending on your age, you will need to have a certain number of credits built up. Additionally, you will need to show that you earned a certain number of those credits in recent years.

Second, you must demonstrate that your injury or illness has left you disabled and unable to continue your previous employment. This is accomplished through medical records, examinations and information submitted by your doctors. Finally, you will need to show that your income is low enough to meet eligibility requirements.

Less than 30 percent of Oklahoma applicants have their initial SSDI application approved. If you have been denied benefits, the next step is to request a reconsideration review. During this process, a new Social Security Administration employee will review your application.

Reconsideration reviews are rarely successful, but this is only the beginning of the appeals process. The next step is an Appeal Hearing, conducted by an administrative law judge. More than half of applicants who move to the next step are approved, and those who work with an experienced Social Security disability attorney enjoy an even higher rate of success.

While winding your way through this process can take a lot of time, significantly more than half of the people who apply for benefits end up eventually receiving them.

An experienced Oklahoma Social Security disability attorney can help you deal with the many intricacies involved in the application process. The legal team at the firm of Ryan Bisher Ryan & Simons in Oklahoma City can help. Contact us today to arrange your free initial consultation.