Oklahoma Highway Crash Injures 9 Victims

Oklahoma Crash Injures 9 Victims

Nine people were injured, including six children, following a recent Muskogee County crash. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but the crash reminds us of how quickly tragedy can strike.

Details of the Incident 

A Chevy pickup with a driver and five passengers was traveling northbound on State Highway 2 when it was suddenly hit by another pickup driving eastbound on State Highway 71 near Porum after that truck failed to yield at a stop sign.

The collision resulted in nine of the occupants being injured, six of whom were children between the ages of seven to twelve. According to law enforcement, everyone was wearing a seatbelt, and no one was seriously injured.

Oklahoma Crash Statistics 

There were 73,267 motor vehicle collisions during a recent year in Oklahoma, according to the latest highway safety crash facts book published by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Of these, 3,526 occurred on rural state highways. 6,276 of the accidents occurred on urban state highways. Collectively, these crashes resulted in the death of 157 people and at least 1,554 injuries in a single year. During the same year, there were 11 fatal accidents and at least 164 injuries in Muskogee County.

What to Do After a Car Crash in Oklahoma 

Car crashes can be scary and confusing events, especially for young children, so it is important to know what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation. The immediate priority is the health of you and your passengers. After seeking immediate medical assistance, continue to follow your doctors’ orders and keep track of all of your medical paperwork. You will need this later to establish your right to compensation. You may be able to receive compensation for your:

  • Medical expenses, including ambulance fees, physical therapy, and counseling expenses
  • Property damage to your vehicle
  • Replacement of wages you lost while recovering from the accident
  • Pain and suffering you endured because of the crash

Next, you will want to get the other driver’s information so that you can later make an insurance claim. If you forgot to do this, it might be included in the accident report.

Also, print out any pictures you took of the accident. If you weren’t able to do this when the accident occurred, you might be able to return to the scene and photograph skid marks, debris that is still on the roadway, or traffic signals that are relevant to your claim. Give all case-related documents and pictures to your personal injury lawyer.

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