4 Smartphone Apps that Make Driving Safer

4 Apps for Safer Driving

When you’re ready to step up the safety of your driving experience and keep up with maintaining your car’s efficiency, smartphone apps can actually help.

They cover everything from recalls, to preventing distracted driving, to car seat safety, and maintenance reminders. Best of all, they’re free.

The most effective apps are simple, perform automatically, and save you time. Some even track work travel expenses to make it easier to file your taxes. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

Safercar App Logo - NHTSASaferCar App

Let’s start with SaferCar. SaferCar is a recent offering from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

With SaferCar, learn the facts about a recall – quickly, definitively, and directly from the source – so you can get it fixed and stay safe. More than 53 million recalls of car equipment, parts, and products are issued annually. More than 25% of vehicles on the road have an unrepaired recall, and that’s a safety risk.

It’s an easy, three-step process. SaferCar remembers your data, notifying you of recalls, and pointing you to local dealerships handling car repairs, so you can get it fixed for free.

You can add other information and features to enrich the experience and customize the app to your needs. NHTSA doesn’t store your data. It stays on your smartphone. This is designed to protect your privacy and keep your data safe.

Google Play StoreApp Store

Life Saver App LogoLifeSaver App

Distracted driving continues to be a growing cause of car accidents. LifeSaver is a popular safe driving app that combines GPS monitoring with a rewards system to help drivers eliminate distracted driving habits.

It works by preventing drivers from using their cell phones while driving. It also enables parents to track and reward safe driving habits for their teen children drivers.

LifeSaver blocks all cell phone apps. It notifies family or friends when you reach your destination. And it doesn’t require any new hardware.

Google Play StoreApp Store

drivemode app for safer drivingDrivemode App

A convenient addition to your driving smartphone apps, Drivemode will automatically launch when it senses speeds higher than 15mph. Parents can be notified if this app is disabled by their teen drivers. It connects with your navigation, music, and messaging app of choice as well so you can still be alerted while not having to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

You can set up auto-replies or message shortcuts if you still want to be responsive while on the road as well. One important note, however, is that the app is better rated for Android users. It seems Apple users simply want more features out of the Drivemode app than it currently provides.

Google Play StoreApp Store

Drive.ly App LogoDrive Safe.ly App

Lastly, this safe driving tool is mentioned just about everywhere. Drive Safe.ly is well-reviewed by experts and appears to be the top free app on the market. Yet, it is not available on Apple devices in the App Store.

It automates your incoming phone communication. Drive Safe.ly reads your text, Facebook messages, and tweets to you while you drive so that you can focus on actually driving.

However, one concern is, it could present some awkward moments if there’s someone else in the car with you.

Google Play 

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