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The Dangers of Override and Underride Truck Accidents

Any time a large truck collides with a smaller passenger vehicle, there is likely to be severe damage. To avoid dangerous situations, it is important to understand some of the unique dangers posed by semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Two similar types of accidents involving large trucks, called override and underride, create potentially fatal situations. In an override accident, a truck drives over part of another vehicle. In an underride accident, a vehicle drives partially under a truck. An understanding of these collisions and their causes can help drivers stay safer on the road.

Both types of accidents occur because trucks are so much higher off the ground than other vehicles. When cars, SUVs or pickup trucks collide with each other, the bumpers and crumple zones are able to absorb some of the impact. Because a car’s hood often fits under a truck, the passenger compartment of the car may be the first thing to hit a truck during an accident, leading to the occupants taking the full brunt of the impact.

There are two main situations in which a truck drives over another vehicle. In the first type of situation, the truck may be too closely following a car, making it impossible for the trucker to brake quickly enough if the car slows down or stops. The truck then rides over the car, crushing the occupants inside. A second type of override situation occurs when a truck is attempting to make a turn and, while doing so, the trailer smashes into a vehicle to the side of the truck.

Underride accidents occur for similar reasons. Tailgating a truck or getting too close to the side of a trailer can lead to a car riding under a trailer.

To avoid this type of vehicle accident, you should make sure to leave adequate distance between you and a truck in front of you or behind you. Never pass trucks on the right side and always make sure that the driver can see you in his mirror.

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